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Order Inquiry Pick-Up

Sultan Pick-Up Instructions

Sultan Pick-Up is located at my residence.

Location : 32613 138th St SE, Sultan, WA 98294

Where to Go

Once you arrive head to the two cargo containers at the front of the property with a large white cover over them. If your order is ready for pick-up then look for a cooler at the front of the white container with your order in it. The crawfish will be in a mesh sack. To keep them alive the longest I suggest removing them from the mesh sack and place them straight in your cooler. After that use the ice provide and sprinkle a light layer on top of them.

Bothell Pick-Up Instructions

Bothell Pick-Up is located at ROMAC Industries. 

ROMAC is where I work my day job. PLEASE DO NOT GO INTO THE BUILDING.

I will meet you in the parking lot.

Location : 21919 20th Ave SE, Bothell, WA 98021

Where to Go

Once you arrive go to the west side of the parking lot (side adjacent to 20th Ave SE). It is the side furthest from the building with with the flagpoles. Look for a RAM 3500 with flatbed and blue box with “Washington Crawfish Company” Logo.