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Recent Updates

August 2023 Update

After a busy season with several 1000lbs pulled into the boat it’s finally time for a break. After working a day job and being on the water everyday I am starting to run out steam. I will keep fishing for the existing backlog thats running ~1000lbs until October and anything extra will be first come first serve. Another commercial fisherman is working to setup a fishery in Whatcom County which could greatly help remedy supply issue. Lots to update on and if theres time I’ll shoot a quite video.

Key Highlights:

  • Largest singular trap theft created need to quickly react to keep up yields. WFWD Investigating.
  • Ran a fairly spread out fishery which worked well
  • Equipment and gear performing flawlessly which greatly helps offset all the other unplanned things that happen
  • Will be working to move around large amounts of gear to accomodate the recreational salmon fishing opening in September

Great to see all the repeat customers some on their 3rd and 4th year boils with us. Thanks for all the support to keep this thing going!

2023 Season First Update

Getting ready to start another season. I plan to have traps in the water early to mid June. All of this is contingent on the water conditions falling in my fisheries falling in line. For this to happen I need most to all of the snow-melt in the mountains to clear out of the rivers. The big start to this season is providing for Pasco Boil. Check it out on the Pasco Chamber of Commerce website. If your planning a boil this year and know your dates go ahead and fill out the pre-order form to lock with the pre-order price and get your order on our calendar.

Key Highlights:

  • Start fishing in June
  • Crawfish available for July
  • Pasco Boil July 15th 
  • Pre-order now before window closes

Thanks to all our repeat customers for coming back this year to have another boil!

August 2022 Update

August started off well but then several events happened that slowed down commercial crawfishing operations. Mechanical problems troubled both eastern and western fisheries. Political issues troubled the eastern fishery culminating in the closure of Lake Roosevelt as a commercial fishery. Contingency plans are in place for both fisheries but will take time to enact. Order intake is being throttled down to ensure what is already on the books will be delivered.

Key Highlights:

Here are a few challenges we are facing in August

  • Eastern fishery closed on Lake Roosevelt by the NPS on behalf of Dept. of Interior. Citing Federal Law prohibiting commercial fishing in a NRA despite the ok of WFWD and Spokane Tribe
  • Boat out East has mechanical issues with lower
  • Boat operating in West had powerhead failure

Eastern fishery is moving to Long Lake with mechanical issues being resolved this week 8/23. Western fishery using backup boat and rebuilding powerhead this week.

May & June 2022 Updates

First off, I would just like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and flexibility – especially with the unforeseen weather causing not the most ideal river conditions at this time. Even though we are seeing a delay in crawfish yield at this time, I am hopeful that our summer conditions will continue to improve as the weather starts to warm up and river conditions improve. I will continue to keep everyone updated through our newsletter and on our website.

Key Highlights:

Here are a few things that are delaying orders we had for May and June:
  • Weather not warming up on either side of the state West or East
  • Was expected that Western half of the state would be wet did not expect poor conditions in the East
  • Possibility of “Triple-Dip” La Nina Year expected to further reduce crawfish yields
All orders for June are tentative. We will be in touch earlier in the week to re-schedule if necessary and will be offering discounted rates to make up for the inconvenience.