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Signal Crawfish
Crawfish Signal

Live Crawfish $8.50/lb

0-50lbs Pre-Order Price
50-80lbs Per-Order Price with 5% Discount
80-100lbs Pre-Order Price with 10% Discount
100lbs+ Negotiated Pricing
* Minimum order 2lbs
Creating the perfect crawfish boil starts with fresh crawfish. Our live signal crawfish are sourced directly from local Western Washington Lakes and Rivers. They are purged for a minimum 48 hours, to ensure the best tasting crawdads for your boil!
Our crawfish are handled with care and guaranteed to arrive live. Please keep in mind, we do not currently use third party shipping. All orders must be local to the Puget Sound region, local deliveries are limited at this time.
Due to the nature of the product, all orders must use our order inquiry form prior to ordering to ensure that you will receive the freshest crawfish available.